Couples therapy goes beyond a simple conversation. It’s about learning to communicate better, understand each other’s needs, and work together as a team to create the best possible future together.

I work with couples on a wide range of issues affecting the couple relationship. This includes specific relationship issues such as betrayal and conflict, but also other stressors such as the illness of one partner, fertility issues, and parenting matters.

Many couples wait until their relationship is at breaking point before seeking help, but early intervention is best. I offer relationship education programs for dating and pre-engaged couples to help you decide whether you want to progress your relationship to the next step or not. I also work with engaged couples to provide the skills and have the conversations that will help you build a strong marriage.

I use a combination of Prepare-Enrich, counselling, and kinesiology skills when working with couples. Sessions will be joint, but some couples may also have individual sessions if appropriate.

Common reasons why couples see me:

  • Relationship education
    • Pre-engagement
    • Pre-marital
    • Marriage enrichment
  • Couples in conflict
  • Parenting issues
  • Couples going through transition
    • Empty nesters
    • Midlife crisis
    • New parents
  • Illness of one partner
  • Fertility support

Contact me for more information or to book your first session. Sessions may be online or in person.