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Would you like a way to easily and safely release negative emotions and replace them with positive ones? Would you like a method that is safe and effective for everyone to use? Would you like something that will support and work together with your current lifestyle and health options?
Vibrational essences are your answer! They are easy to use with other therapies, and can be used by people of any age from young children to the elderly. They can even be given to pets and plants!

It should be noted here that the majority of vibrational essences contain alcohol as a preservative. Common dosages are 1-7 drops once or twice a day, so the amount of alcohol ingested is minimal. Still, if you prefer to completely avoid alcohol, you can either use the essences externally by putting drops on acupoints, or you can put the drops into a cup of hot water or herbal tea and allow the alcohol to evaporate before drinking it. Some practitioners have alcohol-free essences preserved with vegetable glycerine, colloidal silver or apple cider vinegar. Speak to your practitioner if you have concerns.

So what are they?

Dr. Masaru Emoto found that the molecular structure of water is changed by the vibrational frequencies it is exposed to. It is suggested that since water molecules are polarised, they are able to store a representation of  vibrational information in their structure.
Vibrational essences are elixirs that store vibrational frequencies from nature in liquid form by using the energetic properties of water. Essences do not contain the atomic particles of the original substance used. The vibrational frequencies of many substances can be stored, including flowers, crystals, sounds, colours, and intentions.
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Choosing an essence

Vibrational essences are not used to treat specific symptoms or conditions. They are used to relieve underlying psychological issues which are preventing you from being all you were made to be.
There are many different essences to choose from, and many ways to select the most appropriate one for your current needs. Kinesiology can use muscle testing to identify the most suitable essence for you at the moment. You can also simply read through the descriptions for individual essences which are often provided by their creators, and select the one which most fits your needs. Experienced practitioners are available for you to speak with. Keep in mind that vibrational essences are not intended to replace any medical treatment you are currently undergoing, but are able to support your healing process.

Combining essences

Although vibrational essences are generally safe to use with other treatments, it is important to choose essences that are complementary. For example, don’t combine an essence for helping you to relax with one that helps you to be more active. Using more than seven essences at a time may be confusing and less effective than using a single essence. If you have any doubts, stick with a single essence or use a blend that has been made by a practitioner.
Here are some of the blends we have available at Joyful Integration:
Crisis: For help during emergencies to keep you calm and focused and able to handle stress.
Cleanse: For clearing negative emotions and past hurts that may be still be affecting you.
Confidence: To give your self-confidence a boost and help you be less affected by the opinions others may have about you.
Difficult people: For help dealing with those difficult people in our lives; take this just before a meeting with a difficult manager or family member.
Sexual healing: For those who find it difficult to relax and enjoy sex, or to express their sexuality in a healthy way.
Chakra balancing: Range of ten essences targeting each of the main chakras.

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