energetic woman
Do you always feel tired and run down? Do you need coffee just to make it through each day? Do you collapse exhausted into bed every night? Fatigue seems to be an acceptable fact of modern life, but it shouldn’t be. Daily life should not be exhausting. If you are constantly running at 100% capacity, you will not have any reserves left to handle emergencies. So here are my top 5 tips for boosting your energy.

1. Be true to yourself

The number one reason for exhaustion I have seen in my clients is that they are not living lives true to themselves. What does that mean? It means that their actions and lifestyle are not in alignment with their inner self and core beliefs. Think about your day and pick something that you found particularly draining on your energy. Did you give your time and energy to it because you felt obligated to? Do you feel trapped and powerless to change your current situation? These are signs that you could be living according to what your head tells you is right, but not according to what your heart, or true inner self, wants. You could be living to please others, or to live up to the image you think you should have. It is exhausting trying to live someone else’s life. Being true to yourself does not necessarily mean that you will do less things, but you will do them with a different attitude. When your actions and lifestyle are congruent with your inner self and core beliefs, the things you do will be less draining and feel much more rewarding. You will find that you have a greater capacity to handle stress and accomplish your goals.

2. Detox your body

Toxins can be found all around us, in the food we eat, in the air we breathe, in the products we use to wash our clothes… they are impossible to completely avoid. Luckily, our bodies have been designed to process and eliminate these toxins through our liver, our lymphatic and digestive systems, and more. Unfortunately, these detox systems in our bodies can become clogged up and slow down when faced with too many toxins. The more toxins in your system, the slower your body will process them, which in turn will lead to even greater build-up.
If you go to a health food store or library, you will see a range of detox options such as the 48 hour detox, or the Lemon Detox program. In general I do not recommend these methods. They can be very harsh on your body; imagine scrubbing out your insides with a metal scourer. A slower approach is much gentler on your system and will have better long term effect. I recommend lymphatic massage, dry skin brushing, eating plenty of raw vegetables, and foot detox patches. A hair tissue mineral analysis test can help identify toxic heavy metal levels in your body. If you really want to detox your body, give us a call and ask about our new Detox Program.

3. Fix your gut

Many of us are walking around with digestive issues and don’t even realise it. Do you suffer from reflux or bloating? Do you regularly have constipation or diarrhea? These are all signs that your gut is not working as well as it should be. When your digestion is faulty, your body will not process food properly. This means that even if you are making healthy eating choices, your body will not be getting the nutrients required to meet your energy needs.
Digestive issues may be related to food allergies or intolerances that you are unaware of, or parasites or bacteria. The two most common food intolerances in modern society are dairy and wheat. If you have problems with your gut, try cutting dairy and wheat from your diet for 2 weeks and see if there is a difference. Kinesiology can help to identify food sensitivities and any nutritional imbalances and how to address them.

4. Eat well

There is little point in detoxing your body and fixing your gut if you don’t follow through with healthy eating. Focus on nutrients, not calories. It’s not about how much you eat, but about whether your body is getting the nutrients it needs. Very simply, aim to eat a wide variety of fresh vegetables. Meat, especially red meat, is difficult to digest, and eating too much of it may contribute to feeling tired. You still need to make sure you get enough iron and protein; it’s not necessary to completely cut out red meat from your diet, but make sure you don’t overdo it. Choose organic grass-fed meat if you can. Juicing fresh vegetables is an excellent way of getting a lot of nutrients. Juicing makes it easier for your body to digest them, and it’s hard to have too many vegetables. (Please note, it is easy to go overboard with FRUIT juice. I recommend juicing VEGETABLES not fruit). Try to stick with organic vegetables where possible, to avoid toxic chemicals.
The other consideration with eating well is portion size. Again, I am not talking about calorie counting, but about having smaller meals more frequently. Large meals are difficult to digest, which ends up using more energy to process and may leave you feeling sluggish and run down. Aim to eat enough to feel satisfied, but not to feel overly full and weighed down.

5. Moderate exercise

Tai chiOne of the biggest myths is that jogging every day is good for you. It’s not. Studies have shown that chronic exercise can lead to premature ageing of the heart, stiffening of the heart muscles, and an increase in abnormal heart rhythms. Yes, exercise is good for you, but in MODERATION. If your energy stores are already depleted, prolonged exercise will only make it worse. You want to choose exercise that will get you moving, but will not use up your energy stores. High intensity interval training can be beneficial if you have the fitness levels for it (it is not recommended for those who are very unfit or morbidly obese). Alternatively, gentle forms of exercise such as qi gong and tai chi are fantastic for maintaining health without depleting your energy. Instead of jogging, try taking long strolls instead. Avoid “power-walking” which is more like jogging. Long gentle walks in beautiful, natural surrounding can be extremely beneficial. If you really want to jog, limit it to half an hour at a time, a maximum of three times a week.
So if you’re feeling tired every day, don’t accept is as a normal part of modern life. Book an appointment today and let us help you energise your life!